Infinity XL R1

corner sofa / avangarde collection

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The modern design of the Infinity line will satisfy the most demanding users. Deep, quilted seats and movable headrests ensure high comfort of use, while rounded sides emphasise the line of the furniture, adding finesse and elegance. Thanks to a convenient “dolphin” type automatic folding system, the sleeping function allows you to efficiently change it into a comfortable place to put unexpected guests up for the night and to store an extra set of bedding or a warm blanket in the container in the ottoman.

Dimensions and functions

corners position right (optional position also left)
bedding container
wavy springs
relax function
unfolding system type DELFIN

sleeping surface:

123 x 290 cm

bedding storage container:

130 x80 x 20 cm

* All dimensions are in centimetres. Dimensions given with a tolerance of +/- 5 cm.

3D view